Organic Cotton Reusable Kitchen Roll - Pack of 7

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Sold Per Roll - 7 Sheets


Made from 100% organic cotton

Organic Cotton Reusable Kitchen Roll - Pack of 7

Product Details

Say goodbye to single-use paper towels and hello to a 100% organic cotton reusable kitchen roll. These sheets are perfect for cleaning up spills, wiping down surfaces, and more. When they get dirty, simply wash them with soap and water and reuse them. If they need a deeper clean, they can be machine washed to refresh them for their next use. This pack of 7 kitchen roll sheets is wrapped around a reusable cardboard tube, but can also be unrolled and kept flat or folded in a drawer for easy storage. Made with 100% organic cotton and natural dyes, these towels are vegan, plastic-free, biodegradable, and machine washable. They are also super absorbent and durable, with sewn edges to prevent fraying. For every pack you purchase, a tree is planted, making these towels a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Each towel measures 26cm x 24cm (10.2” x 9.4”).

Key Benefits

They are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Made from 100% organic cotton, these sheets are biodegradable and have a low environmental impact. They can also be washed and reused, reducing the need for disposable paper towels.

They are vegan and plastic-free. These sheets are made without the use of animal products or plastic, making them a cruelty-free and eco-friendly choice.

They are strong, durable, and super absorbent. The sewn edges and prewashed design of these sheets help to increase their durability and absorbency, making them a reliable choice for all your cleaning needs.

They are machine washable and easy to use. Simply wash and reuse these sheets as needed, or store them flat or rolled up for easy access.

They support reforestation efforts. For every pack purchased, a tree is planted, helping to offset the carbon footprint of these sheets and contribute to reforestation efforts.

How to use

Remove a sheet from the cardboard tube or flat storage.

Use the sheet to clean up spills, wipe down surfaces, or perform any other cleaning tasks.

When the sheet is dirty, rinse it with soap and water and set it aside to dry.

Once the sheet is dry, it can be used again.

If the sheet needs a deeper clean, it can be washed in the washing machine with other towels or laundry.

When all of the sheets have been used, you can purchase a new pack or wash and reuse the sheets as needed.