Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges - 2 Pack

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made from wood pulp (plant cellulose)

Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges - 2 Pack

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These biodegradable kitchen sponges made from wood pulp, which is a natural, plant-based material. Wood pulp is a type of cellulose that is derived from wood and is commonly used to make a variety of products, including paper, cardboard, and textiles.

Biodegradable kitchen sponges made from wood pulp are designed to be used in the kitchen for cleaning pots, pans, dishes, and other surfaces. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional synthetic sponges, which are often made from plastic and contribute to plastic waste.

Wood pulp is a highly absorbent material, making it an effective choice for kitchen sponges. It is also biodegradable, meaning it can break down naturally in the environment. When biodegradable kitchen sponges made from wood pulp become worn or damaged, they can be composted, making them a sustainable and convenient option for cleaning the kitchen. Overall, biodegradable kitchen sponges made from wood pulp are an effective and environmentally friendly option for cleaning and maintaining the kitchen.

 - 100% Vegan and Plastic Free. Zero Waste -

Each sponge: 4.2” (h) x 3.1” (w) x 0.7” (d) - Pack of (2) two sponges

Key Benefits

Sustainability: Biodegradable sponges are made from natural, renewable materials and using them helps reduce the environmental impact of plastic sponges.

Biodegradability: When it is time to dispose of a biodegradable sponge, it will break down and decompose in the environment, whereas a plastic sponge will take hundreds of years to break down.

Chemical-free: Biodegradable sponges are made from natural materials and do not contain any chemicals, making them a safer choice for cleaning.

Durability: Biodegradable sponges are often made from strong and durable materials, so they are likely to last longer than plastic sponges.

Eco-friendly: Using biodegradable sponges can help reduce the use of disposable plastic products, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

Non-scratch: Biodegradable sponges are gentle on surfaces and will not scratch or damage delicate materials.

Natural: Biodegradable sponges are made from natural materials that add a touch of warmth and beauty to cleaning products.

How to use

- Wet the sponge under running water.
- Apply a small amount of dish soap or cleaning product, if desired.
- Scrub the surface that you wish to clean with the sponge, using circular motions to loosen and remove dirt, food debris, and stains.
- Rinse the sponge under running water to remove any dirt or soap.
- If the sponge is heavily soiled, you may need to repeat the cleaning process or soak it in warm, soapy water before scrubbing again.
- Once the sponge is clean, rinse it thoroughly and wring out any excess water.
- Allow the sponge to air dry before using it again.