Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid For Regular Mouth Mason Jars

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304 grade stainless steel, ceramic

Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid For Regular Mouth Mason Jars

Product Details

This Mason jar grinder attachment is designed to elevate your coffee and culinary experience to new heights. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and constructed from high-quality stainless steel and ceramic burr, this grinder is built to last.

Compatible with REGULAR mouth Mason jars featuring a 2 3/8" internal diameter, this grinder ensures a snug fit for effortless grinding. Say goodbye to dull, inconsistent grinds and hello to freshly ground beans every day.

Rust-proof and engineered for durability and longevity under normal usage. Elevate your morning ritual with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, tailored to your desired grind from fine to coarse.

This grinder also makes grinding hard spices a breeze. From aromatic cinnamon to robust peppercorns, this grinder offers versatility and precision for all your cooking needs.

Why ceramic burr? Because quality matters. Unlike steel, ceramic burrs retain their sharpness almost indefinitely, ensuring consistent performance with every use. Plus, ceramics impart a more traditional, full-bodied flavor to your coffee, while preserving the delicate oils for a truly exceptional brew.

Upgrade your morning routine and culinary adventures with our premium Mason jar grinder attachment. Experience the difference quality makes, one grind at a time.

Sold as individual lid - Jar not included 

Key Benefits

Freshness and Flavor
Grinding coffee beans or spices right before use preserves essential oils and aromas, delivering a superior taste experience compared to pre-ground products.
Customizable Grind Sizes
With adjustable settings from fine to coarse, you can tailor the grind size to your specific brewing method or culinary need, ensuring optimal extraction and flavor.
Durability and Quality
Constructed from high-quality, 18/8 304 grade stainless steel and a ceramic burr, the grinder is designed to be long-lasting and rust-proof with normal use. Ceramic burrs also maintain their sharpness far longer than metal, reducing the need for replacement.
Eco-Friendly and Economical
As a reusable product that fits onto any regular mouth Mason jar, it reduces waste and eliminates the need for disposable plastic containers, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
Heat-Free Grinding
Unlike metal grinders, ceramic burrs do not conduct heat, which means the heat generated during grinding will not affect the quality of the coffee beans or spices. This preserves the integrity of the flavors and essential oils.
This grinder isn’t just for coffee; it can also be used to freshly grind a variety of hard spices. This multipurpose use makes it an essential tool in both the kitchen and the coffee bar.
Space-Saving Design
By utilizing Mason jars you may already have, this attachment saves space in your kitchen without the need for a standalone grinder. It’s easy to store and perfect for both home and travel.
Ease of Use and Maintenance
Simple to assemble and easy to adjust, this grinder is user-friendly. Cleaning is straightforward since it can be disassembled quickly, and most parts are washable with just soap and water.
These benefits make the Mason jar grinder attachment a practical, high-quality addition to your kitchen toolkit, enhancing your daily routines by providing freshly ground coffee or spices on demand.

How to use

Attach to a Mason Jar
Ensure you have a REGULAR mouth Mason jar that matches the 2 3/8" internal diameter requirement.
Screw the grinder attachment onto your Mason jar securely. This will be your grinding chamber.
Add Coffee Beans or Spices
Fill the Mason jar with the coffee beans or hard spices you wish to grind. Don't overfill; leave some space to allow the contents to move when grinding.
Adjust Grind Setting
Before you start grinding, decide on the coarseness or fineness of the grind you need.
For coarser grinds, adjust the setting so the grinding mechanism is looser. Tighten it for a finer grind. Detailed instructions on how to adjust the grind can be found on the box or in the accompanying manual.
Hold the jar with one hand and turn the handle of the grinder with the other.
Continue turning the handle until all the beans or spices have been processed through the grinder.
Unscrew and Enjoy
Once you have finished grinding, unscrew the grinder from the Mason jar.
For coffee, you can now brew your freshly ground coffee using your preferred method (e.g., drip, espresso, French press).
For spices, use them directly in your recipes to enhance the flavor profile of your dishes.
Clean After Use
It’s important to keep the grinder clean to maintain its performance and longevity.
Disassemble the parts carefully (consult the manual for instructions).
Wash the non-electric parts with mild soap and warm water. Avoid washing the ceramic burrs with harsh detergents or soaking them in water for long periods.
Allow all parts to dry completely before reassembling.
Tips for Best Use
Regularly check and adjust the grind setting based on your brewing method or spice needs to achieve consistent results.
Grind only as much as you need to ensure maximum freshness and flavor.
If grinding spices, consider dedicating a separate grinder or jar to avoid flavor cross-contamination with coffee.

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