Detergent Dishwasher Pods

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Sodium carbonate (processing aid)*, sodium percarbonate (oxidant)*, poly(itaconic acid-co-AMPS) sodium salt (polymer)*, sodium citrate (chelating agent)*, alkoxylated alcohol (surfactant)*, sodium sulfate (processing aid)*, sodium silicate (chelating agent)*, tetraacetylethylenediamine (oxidant)*, subtilisin (enzyme), amylase (enzyme), water (solvent), polyvinyl alcohol§, titanium dioxide*§, trideceth-12§, sucrose*§, starch*§, benzisothiazolinone§, polyvinyl alcohol (synthetic water soluble film). *Denotes plant or mineral origin. §Denotes component of enzyme blend.

Detergent Dishwasher Pods
Detergent Dishwasher Pods
Detergent Dishwasher Pods

Product Details

These handy little pods are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your dishes, glassware, and silverware sparkling clean. Not only are they made from all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, but they pack a serious punch when it comes to tackling even the toughest food debris and stains. Plus, they're easy to use and come in a convenient pre-measured pod form.

Gone are the days of lugging around heavy bottles of detergent, or worrying about measuring out the right amount. With Dropps, you can pop a pod in your dishwasher and let it do all the work for you. And, the best part? The gentle scrub eliminates residue and protects glasses (even safe for fine crystal) from etching.

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room: the plastic pollution crisis. Traditional liquid laundry detergents are often packaged in HDPE bottles that can be difficult to recycle and contribute to the growing amount of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways. With Dropps, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that the first-time purchase comes in a glass jar, and refills are available in a compostable box of 30 or 60 pods. So not only will your dishes sparkle, but you'll also be doing your part to reduce plastic waste. Win-win!

Key Benefits

Convenience: These pre-measured pods are easy to use and eliminate the need for measuring out detergent or lugging around heavy bottles.

Effectiveness: The natural ingredients in the pods are specially formulated to cut through the toughest grease and food particles, leaving your dishes, glassware, and silverware sparkling clean.

Protection: The gentle scrub in the pods can help to eliminate residue and protect glasses and fine crystal from etching.

Eco-Friendly: Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pods are biodegradable and packaged in a glass jar for first-time purchase and refills are available in a compostable box, reducing the amount of plastic waste compared to traditional liquid laundry detergent packaged in HDPE bottles.

Cost-effective: Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pods come in a pack of 30 or 60 pods, depending on the purchase, and using one pod per load, will give you a cost-effective way to keep your dishes clean.

Safe for septic system: Dropps are made with pH-neutral, biodegradable, chlorine-free, and phosphate-free ingredients which make it safe for septic systems.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pods, and always make sure to store them out of reach of children and pets.

How to use

Start by loading your dishwasher as usual, making sure to scrape off any large food debris from your dishes and utensils.

Take a pod from the jar or compostable box and place it in the main detergent dispenser of your dishwasher.

Close the dispenser and run your dishwasher as usual.

Once the cycle is finished, unload your dishwasher and enjoy your sparkling clean dishes!

Make sure to store the Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pods in a cool, dry place, and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

It's important to note that Dropps Dishwasher Detergent pods are a detergent solution made specifically for dishwasher, should not be used as laundry detergent or any other purpose. And use the appropriate amount depending on the level of dirtiness of your dishes and the manufacturer's recommendations.

Also, If you are using a dishwasher that features a pre-wash or soak cycle, you should hold off on adding the pod until the main wash cycle to get optimal cleaning results.