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Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set

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Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set
Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set
Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set
Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set
Lu & Elle + Birdbath Face Care Travel Set

Product Details

Introducing the Ultimate Travel Experience: A Collaboration Between Lu and Elle and Birdbath!

Get ready to elevate your travel game with the ultimate travel experience, a seamless collaboration between Kendall with Lu and Elle and Birdbath Travel Products. These handmade travel pouches are now paired with an exclusive selection of Birdbath's finest travel essentials, creating a luxurious and practical set that's perfect for you or the traveler in your life.

Embark on your next journey with the ultimate travel experience, designed for those who appreciate quality and style. This curated travel set features a selection of high-quality, travel-sized products that are designed to make your journey comfortable and memorable. Each pouch includes the following Birdbath travel sized products:

(All Travel Size)

  • 1 oz Superfruit Jelly Cleanser
  • 1/2 oz Clarity Face Serum
  • 10 ml Radiant Face Oil
  • 1/2 oz Face Food
  • 1/2 oz Charcoal Mud Mask
  • Plus your choice of Lu & Elle pouch

*** Please use the dropdown to select your pouch design ***

Key Benefits

Skincare Essentials: The travel set features a selection of Birdbath's premium skincare products, including the 1 oz Superfruit Jelly Cleanser, 1/2 oz Clarity Face Serum, 10 ml Radiant Face Oil, and 1/2 oz Face Food. These essentials ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant while on the move.

Quick Skin Rejuvenation: The inclusion of the 1/2 oz Charcoal Mud Mask allows for easy skin detoxification, providing a quick and refreshing rejuvenation during your travels.

Personalized Style: You have the option to choose your preferred Lu & Elle pouch, allowing you to customize your travel set and match it to your unique style and preferences.

Effortless Packing: These compact travel-sized products are designed for convenience and easy packing, making them ideal for travelers who want to maintain a comprehensive skincare routine without adding bulk to their luggage.

Quality Assurance: Birdbath's skincare products are renowned for their quality and efficacy, ensuring that you receive the best care for your skin while traveling.

Thoughtful Gifting: The collaboration makes for an exceptional gift for skincare enthusiasts or travelers, combining the charm of Lu & Elle's pouches with the practicality of these high-quality skincare products.

Versatile Pouch: Beyond travel, the Lu & Elle pouch becomes a versatile accessory that you can continue to use for various purposes, such as storing cosmetics, stationery, or personal items.

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