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Recycled Newspaper

Recycled Colored Pencils

Product Details

Introducing eco-friendly colored pencils, the perfect addition to your art supplies for a sustainable and high-quality coloring experience. These pencils are made from responsibly sourced recycled newspaper, a material that not only reduces waste but also provides a smooth and vibrant coloring experience.

Each pack includes 12 pencils, giving you a wide range of options to choose from while also supporting the environment. With a diverse selection of colors, you'll have everything you need to bring your creative ideas to life. Whether you're an artist, a student, or just someone who loves to color, these pencils are perfect for you.

Not only do these pencils support the environment, but they also allow you to express yourself in a more meaningful way. These pencils are more than just art supplies, they are an expression of your commitment to a sustainable future. By purchasing these pencils, you are not only enhancing your creative expression, but also making a positive impact on the planet.

As our eco-consciousness continue to grow, it's essential to be mindful of our impact on the environment, even in the smallest ways. These pencils are made from materials that have been responsibly sourced, and they are an excellent alternative to traditional colored pencils that are often made from non-renewable resources.

In summary, these eco-friendly colored pencils are not only a great choice for artists, students, and color enthusiasts, but also for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Each pack contains 12 pencils, providing smooth and vibrant colors, made from responsibly sourced recycled newspaper, making a perfect addition to your art supplies. These pencils are an expression of your commitment to a sustainable future. So, when you use them to create art, you are not just creating something beautiful but also doing your part to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Key Benefits

They are environmentally friendly. Using recycled newspaper to make these pencils helps to reduce waste and the demand for new raw materials.

They provide smooth, vibrant color. Despite being made from recycled materials, these pencils offer excellent color quality and performance.

They are a cost-effective option. Using recycled materials to make these pencils can help to reduce the overall cost of production, making them an affordable choice for consumers.

They are versatile. These pencils can be used for a wide range of coloring and drawing applications, making them a convenient choice for artists of all skill levels.

They are an educational tool. Using recycled materials in the production of these pencils can help to teach children and adults about the importance of recycling and environmental sustainability.

How to use

Select the pencil you want to use.

Hold the pencil with your dominant hand, with your thumb and first two fingers gripping the pencil near the tip.

Place the tip of the pencil on the paper where you want to start coloring.

Gently apply pressure as you draw or color, guiding the pencil across the paper in the direction you want the color to go.

Use different pressures and techniques, such as light strokes or shading, to create different effects with the pencil.

When you are finished using the pencil, you can either put it down or cap it with a pencil sharpener or eraser to keep the tip sharp and clean.